Sunday, August 11, 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness

August began in good form when I took my son to see the last Star Trek movie Into Darkness. We had watched the first movie a couple of days before and he enjoyed it (which was something of a relief as I had already bought the tickets). The new film didn't disappoint, it was really great that they had the same cast as crew members - it really helps us to understand why the characters like each other and empathise with them. The action was thick and fast and the special effects were amazing. I really enjoyed the movie and would recommend it even to non-Star Trek fans.
It has been at big cinemas a while and is not new any more but our most local cinema is in a council run library/theatre building. So it is typically later when movies are shown locally and even then there are no guarantees that all the films I'd like to see are shown. But the cinema goers tend to be quieter and more mature than those going to multiplex ones, certainly for evening showings. I've got tickets to see Man of Steel next. 


laura b. said...

Your local theater sounds nice. I haven't seen the new Star Trek franchise at all. Maybe have to check it out :)

FW said...

L.B.: Oh yes, you must check out this new franchise I think it's excellent. Well worth watching.