Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Reading comics again

Over the course of several months this year I've been getting in to a bit of comic reading. I've liked the X-Men for a while and have started reading a title called All New X-Men since issue 1. I've done the same for a sister title called Uncanny X-Men. They are both Marvel comics and the good thing with them is that you get a digital edition code so you can redeem a digital copy free from if you purchase the print version, I think this is a good deal because the digital version gives you a different perspective and sometimes you notice things you didn't spot in the print version. I've also started reading a DC Comics series called Superman Unchained from issue 1.

It's been years since I read any comics, I used to read quite a few in my youth but they were mostly British comics when circulations were very healthy. It's a shame that the circulation of British comics fell drastically. I found a few comics from the 1980s that I picked up at my mom and dad's house earlier this year, these were DC Comics but to be honest I don't think they're worth anything because I understand DC printed too many and weren't really recouping the money they needed. So I hope I'm contributing to a revival of the comic medium.


laura b. said...

The fact that they offer free codes to the online version may help a lot. People can read the way many people like to also have a copy to hold in their hands and save.

FW said...

L.B.: With comics it is nice to spread the page out and just enjoy the artwork. The digital version also offers something different, so I think they complement each other.