Sunday, September 15, 2013


I watched the film Looper this weekend. I haven't read any reviews of it but a friend of mine had said he watched it and wasn't very enthusiastic about it. I don't know how it did at the box office but it has Bruce Willis in it and you'd think he is big enough to pull in a significant audience, on just the strength of his name if nothing else. The lead character in the film is played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt with whom I confess a distinct lack of recognition and knowledge.
I don't think the story is very clear, it seems that the story is set in the future because there are hover cars and hover bikes. The lead character works for a criminal organisation and is a drug addict. He is paid in silver bars for killing criminals who are sent back in time from the future. He sets up a sheet in a field at the back of a roadside cafe and waits for the criminal to materialise: kneeling, handcuffed and with a sheet covering their face. When they appear he shoots them with blunderbus as in the picture below. His life all goes to pot when the person sent back in time is himself, played by Bruce Willis.
It's not a bad premise for a story, if a little complicated. However, I didn't connect with the actor playing the lead role. I couldn't see him as a hero and so I was conflicted or indifferent to his plight. I don't really feel I can strongly recommend this film but if you want to watch something that's not entirely dreadful with a half interesting story this might be worth a try - that doesn't sound like a film I'd want to see but on a rainy weekend with nothing better to watch it might be okay!


laura b. said...

This is a movie I had kind of wanted to see when it came out. I actually like the actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt.
Sounds like it wasn't very engaging, but I might watch it if I stumble across it on cable.

FW said...

LB, yeah if you like the actor then you might find it more interesting than I did.