Sunday, September 01, 2013

Man of Steel

I took my son to see the film Man of Steel on Friday night. We both enjoyed it, the film score was especially good. The music was composed by Hans Zimmer, one of my son's favourite composers.
I read a review of the film that said something like it took itself too seriously. Well, yes there was that side to it perhaps. Especially in comparison to the Christopher Reeves versions. However, I still thought it was a good film, very exciting in the final battle. There were a few plot glitches that I was surprised about, so it wasn't perfect. On the whole though, it was enjoyable entertainment.
I'm looking forward to seeing a few sci-fi films that have come out recently but I think I'll have to watch those on DVD when they come out.


laura b. said...

After not having been to the movies for awhile, I have recently found myself at a few rather mediocre ones.
Nice to hear that you guys saw something you really enjoyed.

FW said...

LB: It's a mixture of being fussy over what to see and availability/convenience. I mostly have to settle for waiting until the film I want to see gets a dvd release!