Sunday, September 01, 2013

September once again

The Back To School month has arrived. The academic year begins again. I wonder what this year will be like? My football team hasn't had the best start to the season so far, they haven't won a match yet so are firmly in the bottom half of the league table. Plenty of matches to go though, so no cause for being too downhearted at the moment.

I like this time of year. There are good things to look forward to. The nights are drawing in sooner now. The temperature is starting to come down but it is still warm enough to wear a T shirt outside. The leaves on the trees are still green but this will all change pretty soon.

I've enjoyed the hot weather we've had over the summer and now I don't feel so down about the prospect of the cooler weather.


laura b. said...

I find that I am looking forward to fall weather more than I usually do, as it has been very hot and humid lately.
Hope your team picks up steam!

FW said...

LB: Thanks, it's been fairly chilly at times and has reminded me how cold it was for so much of the year!