Monday, September 30, 2013


As it will soon be the month when Halloween happens by way of looking forward to that event, I thought I would watch a horror film. I didn't have one in mind when I started browsing LoveFilm's catalogue but I settled on one.
It was called Splintered and was a fairly small budget British film. A group of young adults out in the woods hoping to trace a beast that has been reported in the area. Familiar horror territory. The film's main character is Sophie. The group gets split up by an argument, some remain at the camp while Sophie and John go off by themselves at night. They find a building, I think it was an old school, and despite all of the safety advice they could ever have been given, they enter it. Not surprisingly bad things happen after that. I thought it was reasonably well done without being too clichéd, even though it has a lot of the obvious genre setups there were surprisingly good touches that enable it to rise above other similar films. There is blood and gore but it's not quite as overdone as you might think from the promo material.

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