Sunday, June 01, 2014

X-Men Days of Future Past

On Friday I had the day off from work. My son had a friend around for the day and I decided it would be a good treat to take them to see the new X-Men film. I'd heard good things about the film before seeing it but the film was far better than I expected it to be. I didn't really like a lot of the third X-Men film, The Last Stand. But in this film, there is time travel involved. It all hangs together convincingly though (sometimes time travel in films can be really confusing).

The day off was good, I suppose I could have done more but I was in part recovering from a difficult week. It was difficult in two main senses: I was away from home for an extra night, I was recovering from my back injury from the Saturday before AND I was recovering from a painful episode of piles - brought on by constipation that the codeine-based painkillers I used for my back gave me. It all turned out okay though and I was glad I took the day off, it was needed.
After the film, I took the boys for lunch, it was a Kentucky Fried Chicken - not really the same as it was when I was a kid. I had a wrap meal and it was so so. Presentation was a bit sloppy.
I was lucky I didn't get a parking ticket on getting back to my car. I'd parked in a bay that gives 3 hours free, I'd also bought a ticket and didn't realise I didn't need one. The parking attendant was writing me out a ticket but fortunately I could explain in person that I was leaving and he let me off, which was quite decent of him I thought. I do think that rules are stupid sometimes, I mean I'd bought a parking ticket and it was just that I'd parked in a 3 hour free zone. Apparently the rules are that the car can only stay there for three hours regardless if you've bought a ticket or not. I find that confusing when there is a parking meter close to the parking bays. It's not like the signs give you much of a clue either! I'd paid for parking, it was just that the silly rules applied in a way that was not obvious. At least I escaped without a fine that time.

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