Monday, August 25, 2014

RIP Richard Attenborough

Sad news that yesterday Richard Attenborough died at the age of 90. This great man made such an enormous contribution to the international entertainment industry, you could say he was a giant. Everybody knows him for his work on such great classic films such as Ghandi, A Bridge Too Far, Jurassic Park, Brighton Rock, The Great Escape, Miracle On 34th Street, I'm Alright Jack and Whistle Down The Wind amongst many others. My own personal favourite is possibly one of the lesser known titles in his back catalogue, it was a grim horror tale of a serial killer operating in working class London. The subject of the film is very bleak and the film stars Richard Attenborough with John Hurt as Co-Star (who was Oscar nominated for Best Supporting Actor). The film was called 10 Rillington Place after the apartment building where the murders were all committed. The acting is superb even if the subject nature of the film is, as I said, very grim indeed. I like the great man's other films too, especially the war ones but Jurassic Park is probably my second favourite, the first film in that series is a personal favourite of mine.

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