Saturday, February 13, 2016

Escape Velocity

I watched this film this week. It's a sci-fi film, which is why I watched it. The plot is not very good though. It begins with a ex soldier being sentenced to death for his crimes against humanity. Except he doesn't get the execution he deserves, he escapes with his few supporters. They soldier and his group leave Earth (I assume it's Earth in the future) and suspend themselves in animation until the ship is found heading for a dying star and is rescued. The ship that rescues the soldier has a skeleton crew of three, the commander and his female companion and her 18 year old daughter. They are on a civilian mission to observe a dying star. Well, they rescue the soldier but obviously didn't bank on him being a psychopath. He appears friendly at first but then he goes insane and gets his companions out of the hidden freezer. The violence is very tame. It's a piece of low quality crap really.

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