Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Advent calendars

When I was a young boy the advent calendars were very different from today. I didn't have chocolate in mine. Mine were flat and sometimes it was hard to tell where the window to open was because the number was printed in black against a colourful background. Once the 'find the number' puzzle was done it was time to open the window and I enjoyed seeing what was behind it. It didn't have to be anything very special but I enjoyed it. For my children my wife bought big advent calendars and fills them with chocolate and Lego. Here they are, I find them a bit too ostentatious but my kids love them.


laura b. said...

Sometimes I used to get my children inexpensive advent calendars with chocolates in them. Yours are very nice and I can see why the kids would enjoy them so much :)

FW said...

Thanks, we've certainly had our moneys worth out of them. I hope they stay in our family for a long time.