Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas is coming

We're into the final days of normality until the Christmas holidays. It's not quite normality though is it? There are awards shows, Christmas parties and there's an air of Christmas goodwill and sentiment around that makes attempts at normality seem somehow mean-spirited or slightly unpleasant. I've been to a Christmas pantomime, I've got a Carol concert this evening to go to, a Christmas party on Sunday and an event on Monday in London. It is a non-stop rollercoaster ride. There is also the Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day to get through as well. Plus all of the food we have to buy for those events. I forgot to mention a meal we're cooking for friends this Friday and I think my wife may have invited some other friends over on another evening. My working week ends on Friday but I'm going to need a holiday by the end of Christmas!
Here is that photo of our Christmas tree that I promised to post. I will post another picture soon of the children's advent calendars.


laura b. said...

Your tree is beautiful. I don't have as many activities as you do. But I still think I'd like to hide out for awhile at some point!

FW said...

Thanks! Having a tree sparkling in a corner of the room is special somehow. I hope you managed to hide away for a while at least!