Sunday, December 08, 2013

Nigella week

There are not many TV cooks that I like but Nigella Lawson is one of them. I don't think that she always has her feet on the ground in her cooking but in a way the madness of what she sometime cooks is one of the nice things about her programmes. I like the idea of her slipping down to the kitchen after all her guests have left to indulge herself by going to the fridge and gorging on the leftover pudding! The trial this week was about some employees stealing from her and her husband (I'm not quite sure of their marital status because they seem to be having a war of attrition). If you didn't know that it would like she was on trial herself by some of the tabloid headlines. Her first husband died of cancer relatively young and she admitted to taking some cocaine with him, as he used it for pain relief. I'm not saying I condone drug use but I think there are sometimes prevailing circumstances that should be taken into consideration. I think she's been given a treatment as though she was on trial, which under the circumstances is just plain unfair.


laura b. said...

It is always frustrating when victims of crime are made to feel as though things they might have done in the past somehow make them deserving of whatever happens to them.

FW said...

Yes I know, frustrating because attention is diverted from the real perpetrator.