Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Slava's Snow Show

Yesterday we went into London. The weather warnings were that a storm was coming in and to avoid travel if possible. We ignored the warnings and went into London anyway. The storm did come but more about that in a minute.
We went in after lunch and walked around the South Bank a bit but the weather was wet and windy. We had a nice meal in our favourite Japanese restaurant (Wagamama) and had a walk over the Golden Jubilee walk bridge.

We still had a few hours to kill so I suggested the Namco Station arcade and I wasted a bit of money on giving the kids coins to play games that they seemed to enjoy - I had a few goes joining in on air hockey, lights out and the rifle range (I was a good shot). Then we went to the Royal Festival Hall to see the show, Slava's Snow Show. It was quite incredible. A mixture of comedy mime, physical fun and story telling. We had excellent seats and were involved in the parts of the show like the giant web rolled over the audience, the giant balls, the snow and the blizzard. A great evening.

Then we had to get home. We got to Euston Station okay and in good time but the trains on the board were either cancelled or delayed due to the storm and some that were delayed changed status to cancelled. You can see photos from Euston station in this news article. But fortunately, there was a train at 21:54 that we were able to catch and we were home just after 23:00. Quite fortunate to have caught it and that it was stopping at the station we needed.


BrightenedBoy said...

Some of the photos in that article were incredible--particularly the ones of the snow in Scotland and the waves crashing into the beach in southern England.

FW said...

BrightenedBoy: Yes the storm was pretty widespread, giving rise to some spectacular photos. Such a shame for people whose homes were flooded or damaged though. Especially at Christmas, the weather can be so cruel.