Saturday, June 21, 2014

England Knocked Out

England played their second match of the World Cup on Thursday evening against Uruguay and again lost it effectively ending their hopes of progression to the knock out rounds. Their first two matches were against tough teams, Italy was our first opponent, but the score was the same in both games. The opponent score first, England scored an equalising goal but then the other side catch England with a winning goal to leave England adrift at 1-2.
I don't think the manager should be fired, Roy Hodgson has done the job asked of him. The team played well but were missing a star player who can make some magic, which the best sides seem to have. We certainly don't have a Luis Suarez, like Uruguay, or a Mario Balotelli, like Italy do.
England's final game will be on Tuesday against Costa Rica who are on top of the group. I'm excited in a way because I think England will beat them, as mad as that sounds. It's a shame that it won't make a difference.

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