Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Pet hate: Beats headphones

I like good sound quality don't get me wrong. But really, the cost of Beats headphones is surely so absurd! And yet people pay these prices. I think anybody who pays that much for Beats headphones is completely stupid. And get this: you even look stupid wearing them! That's right. People who wear Beats headphones think that they look cool and trendy. You look like Jerks! get real. Here's how trendy you are: see the photo below? That's Craig Oliver, he's the Director of Communications for the Conservative party. How bloody cool and "down with the kids" do you feel now?  The other annoying thing about Beats is the recent deal they have done with Apple. It's not a deal Steve Jobs would have made, I can tell you that much for nothing. Utterly astonishing move by Apple, the soul has really gone out of the company.

I like good quality audio from my headphones and I also like headphones that don't leak sound. Nothing as bad as sitting on public transport and some idiot flooding the carriage/bus/whatever with the sound of an annoying fly buzzing around. My favourite headphones, after years of trying different brands is that Sennheiser makes the best audio quality headphones.
The following are a few of the models I use.

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