Monday, June 02, 2014

Space 1999

I've been loaned the first series of the 1970s sci-fi show Space 1999 by a friend. It was produced by Sylvia Anderson, wife of Gerry. The series has gone down in history in the same way that U.F.O. and other Anderson productions. I remember watching the show and it seeming quite scary when I watched it as a kid, I don't remember the details of the episodes as a kid but I remember watching the show and making Lego models of the communicator and the stun guns. The first series aired in 1975, I was only 7 at the time. I certainly remember the second series, or rather I remember the character Maya who could shape shift, her strange alien eyebrows scared me! The series is set on Moonbase Alpha, which suffers a catastrophic explosion knocking the moon out of Earth's orbit and sending it through the cosmos on an extraordinary journey. I've watched three episodes so far, the third was the strangest, titled Black Sun the moon passes through a black sun and because it used a shield was not destroyed. Very weird. There was also some illusion to an unseen benevolent force protecting them. It was the most expensive British TV show ever produced at the time. The sets were fantastic and the special effects. The great thing about the show as far as I was concerned at the time was the Eagle Transporters. These were the space ships that they used and featured heavily. My toy version was a die cast model. It had a central transporter pod that could be dropped. This had opening doors. I loved it. It's only later that when I remember it, mine was green but in the TV show they are white. I remember green and blue ones. You could also get ones that had winches to lower radioactive canisters, these were white. I don't know why they didn't make them all white?

Mine looked like the one on the left

Gorgeous looking interiors

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