Sunday, June 01, 2014

Pacific Rim

I bought this film on DVD a couple of weeks ago and on Saturday night I finally got to watch it. I thought it was very good actually, a good action film. Perhaps a little bit implausible but nonetheless entertaining. The director has made other interesting films in the past, such as the Hell Boy films. He manages to create a world that is somehow believable and yet strangely implausible. The art direction is excellent. The way the machines and the creatures move was also very good. I've played a few mech videogames and this brought the whole genre to life for me in a way I've not seen in a film before. The mechs were called Jaegers (in Front Mission Evolved, the videogame, they're called Wanzers) and the alien monsters are called Raichu (I think but my memory might be playing tricks). I think the film will also improve on further viewings. There is a lot of visual detail in the film to enjoy. The scientists are quite funny in their mannerisms.


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