Friday, June 13, 2014

Weekend thoughts

It's Friday the 13th today. My children thought we should go out for a meal tonight, I suggested Nandos because I'd tried it recently in Manchester and enjoyed it. My children had the mildest chicken but it was still too spicy for them. I had Hot but to be honest I thought it was just tasty, not mega hot as I'm not a heat freak. My wife seemed to enjoy hers because she ate it all but often leaves some chicken because she doesn't like wobble. I don't think she encountered any wobble tonight because she ate it. I don't get that I had to pay however, if it was supposed to be a Father's Day treat in advance of Sunday. Ah well. I don't have very high hopes for the rest of the weekend. I have a strong feeling that it's going to be one I think I might rather forget.

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