Sunday, February 28, 2016

Belgian Beer

During our recent holiday, we visited Bruges in Belgium. While there I took the opportunity to sample some Belgian beer: also to buy some and bring it home with me. While in Bruges I went into a small bar and bought myself a half pint of a Pilsner beer I had never tried before called Primus. It was very good. Here's a photo I took of it:

As we walked around Bruges there were lots of tourist shops and plenty of places to buy beer from but it was all quite expensive for single bottles. I was also very unsure of what to buy. What would Belgian's be drinking? So, I spotted a Carrefour and went in there to get myself a six pack of beer that looked pretty good - it was a good choice. I've enjoyed a couple of these "Abbey beers" so far. I have some more photographs to present from Bruges but the beer is what I was mostly interested in from a personal viewpoint. I couldn't spend my whole time in the pub though as had friends and family with me who were not as interested as me in the beer.

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