Sunday, February 28, 2016

Relaxation update

I said I would provide an update to my previous post on the Shiatsu massage chair.

The chair is good, it is actually a cover that fits on top of a chair. A kitchen table chair is probably the best type to use it with. It feels a bit like ball bearings circling around and going up and down your back. Where the bone is close to the surface (shoulders, for example) it can be a bit painful, even through light clothes like a T shirt, but where there is a bit more fat like the lower back it feels very good. I tend to use the foot massager and the back massager at the same time. You get the double whammy that way and the sensation is very unique. I'd say it was a good purchase. The ability to get heat through it is good but the heat isn't as hot as I thought it might be, it is only a mild heat so if you are expecting something that is actually hot then you would be disappointed.

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