Thursday, February 20, 2014

Almost over: my week off

It comes around faster than a speeding car doing a fast lap. Tomorrow is my last official working day that I have taken leave for. That means that I'm back at work on Monday. Boohoo! I hate going back to work, it's just horrid. Into the maelstrom again.
Do I feel this week has been a good break? Well, the answer is a non-committal "yes" and "no". It's not easy to answer that. I didn't book any special time away anywhere (for example, a cottage). Perhaps just being at home doesn't feel different enough. I haven't done any work and I wonder if I had looked at some of it I might feel different, kind of like "look at me, I have the luxury of time I don't normally have". But to be honest, I'd rather do other activities than work any time: like read a book, read a comic, watch a film or TV series, listen to music, play a videogame, go shopping, go out to eat or go out for a walk in the woods.
If I had booked something, it would have cost more and the kids wouldn't have been able to play with their friends - my daughter went to a sleepover and my son played with a couple of his friends. I finished a book and played a few videogames I haven't played for a while, mainly because my son has been on the Xbox360 a lot. I have spent a bit of time just wandering what to do. It is unfortunate but I do feel myself questioning the use of my own time. I did have a videoconference with my brother, which worked surprisingly well despite the great distance involved. There was a bit of lag but it wasn't too bad. I also cleaned the kitchen radiator and walls. The paintwork really needed a wipe down, I was surprised how dirty the paintwork had become, it's something that gets messy so gradually that you just don't notice it on a daily basis.
Today, I had a nice lie in with my wife, something we don't normally do at all. We had a nice pub lunch too, taking the kids with us. Other than that and a little bit of shopping, that's pretty much all I've done today. I do feel slightly guilty, but on the other hand, at least I was spending time with my loved ones.

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