Sunday, February 09, 2014

Mad Max

Last weekend I saw a box set of 3 Mad Max films in a charity shop for £1.99 and it was too good to miss. I have seen scraps of all three films but never sat down to watch an entire film before as far as I can remember. I've now watched the first film in the series. I thought it was a good film. It's set in a future world where fuel is in short supply. It's essentially about a crazed gang of motorcycle thugs and a cops revenge after they conduct a series of attacks on his friends and family. The budget was clearly limited but they did an impressive job with what they had. The roads were sparsely populated and long and straight. The motorbikes and cars are impressive but for me the sound design of the film is the star. Mel Gibson looks very young in the lead role, he's a bit too pretty and a little bit wooden in the later stages of the film for my liking but he does an acceptable job and is eye candy for the ladies no doubt. I'm looking forward to watching Mad Max 2. I'm not so keen on Mad Max 3, usually franchises run out of steam but I don't want to prejudice myself. The bleak tone of the film reminds me of other classic films shot around the same time. Indicative of the fears facing the world at the time.

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