Tuesday, February 18, 2014

New food sensation

Every now and then something comes along that I try that is surprising in a nice way. Sometimes, it's something I tried previously and didn't like but have decided to give it another shot. And sometimes it's completely new. I think this falls into the last category. I have eaten fresh mango but it's not a fruit that I've ever regarded as a favourite, the first time I tried mango I don't think I enjoyed it very much. But since then I have eaten more and quite like the fresh mango. What I'd never tried before though was dried mango. I'm not a big dried fruit fan to be quite honest. I have tried dried bananas and they're okay but not as nice a fresh bananas. My experience of dried fruits in general is that they're either okay but not as nice as fresh or they're bloody awful. Then along comes dried mango and lo and behold it's actually better than the fresh mango. Dried mango seems quite expensive, so might be a bit of a delicacy. If you look at dried mango you might be forgiven for thinking it has been dusted with sugar. Rather, what you see is the sugar that has been drawn out of the fruit after the drying process.

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