Thursday, February 20, 2014

From Dusk 'Til Dawn

The other night in bed my wife selected a film to watch as she fell asleep (like she normally does) as I was reading my book. I usually keep half an eye on the film, unless my book is fully absorbing me. I saw some of the opening minutes of the film and was quite intrigued but my wife was tired and turned the film off and I didn't complain because I wanted to finish my book. So I decided to give the film a go and watch it myself, my wife happened to join me also.

It starts out like a normal movie about a couple of brothers who have busted out of jail and are on the run. They robbed a bank and are heading to cross the border into Mexico and what they hope will be their freedom. Sounds like standard fair so far doesn't it? Well, this was a film script written by Quentin Tarantino so yep, you guessed it - it's not quite that straightforward. One of the brothers is played by George Clooney and the other by Tarantino himself. He's not a bad actor. He does play a psycho in this film. Juliette Lewis is also in the film as the daughter of a minister who has fallen out of love with God and has gone on a road trip in an RV with his son and daughter. The minister is played by Harvey Keitel. All of the actors in the film are good actors. They probably elevate it. The brothers are trigger happy and the death toll rises before they get to the border. They kidnap the minister and his kids and commandeer the RV. Somehow they make it across the border crossing. They are heading to a nightclub/bar in Mexico called the Twisted Titty. The film goes wrong at this point. It turns into a crazy vampire film. It's very enjoyable and is a good evening's viewing but the vampires aren't scary, it's not horror and it's not exactly comedy although there are some moments that are pretty funny in a silly way. I much preferred the earlier parts of the film to the vampire stuff.

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