Sunday, March 09, 2014

Cancelled: Amazon Instant Video

I've cancelled my subscription to what used to be LoveFilm. It was a streaming entertainment service allowing the download of hundreds of movies and TV shows. I've still got my Netflix subscription. The reasons I cancelled the service where several:
  • I was already happy with the existing service but Amazon thought arrogantly that it could do a better job by integrating it into it's shopping site
  • I don't want to subscribe to an entertainment service where what I watch is free, I don't want my family or me to accidentally purchase something
  • I liked the brand of LoveFilm, it was a good name. Amazon Prime Instant Video is a meaningless name
  • The way the interface has been integrated into the rest of the Amazon service is very poor and looks like a botched job to me
  • The communications about the change to the service really focused on it being an extension to Amazon Prime customers and very little was said about LoveFilm only subscribers - a typical result of a larger company swamping a smaller one but not understanding why it was a success and then totally ruining what was special about it
Amazon's uninspiring logo replacing LoveFilm's

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