Tuesday, March 04, 2014

The Unforgiving

My current attention on symphonic metal music has meant that as well as Nightwish and ReVamp, I've also been listening to Within Temptation and their album The Unforgiving in particular. It is a very well written album and Sharon den Adel is a very good songwriter and singer. The Unforgiving is a concept album and was released alongside 3 movies and 4 comic books. I haven't watched the movies or read the comics but I'd like to do that one day. At the moment I'm just interested in listening to the music and enjoying the songs. I watched part of a Within Temptation concert on YouTube last night, it was good but Sharon was wearing an unusually puffy dress for a metal band. The music leans more towards rock than metal. The band has a new album out called Hydra and I want to buy this sometime soon. I'd also like to get the first ReVamp album. I was listening to the ReVamp album a lot over the weekend and it is really very good indeed.

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