Sunday, March 30, 2014

War of the Worlds

On a Saturday, one of the things I enjoy doing is visiting the charity shops in town. I regularly check the books, games, CDs and DVDs. Sometimes I buy a duff disk or scratched or something but most of the time the goods are in reasonable condition. Yesterday I bought myself a two disk special edition live concert DVD of Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds. It is awesome. I've had the music on my iPod for a while and have listened to bits of it and enjoyed but the live concert is a great show and through my TV and Hi Fi speakers it sounds amazing too. I would recommend it. I got it at the bargain price of £1.50! Justin Hayward sings on this version and I love his voice, it is so enchanting. I enjoyed his vocal work with The Moody Blues also - my dad was always a big fan of theirs, perhaps some has rubbed off? There has been a more recent update of this musical though, I think with Gary Barlow. I can't imagine it being very good but what do I know? I do like the version I picked up though. I believe it was recorded in 2006.

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