Saturday, January 17, 2015

Catwoman - The Game vol 1

I read this book this week. It's a great book, I've also borrowed vol. 2 from my local Library to continue the story. I liked the way the story was told and the artwork was totally great. The history of Selina's fence Lola is told, helping Catwoman since her early days there is a special bond between these two women. However, Catwoman stole things from a mob boss that he treasured after never having any possession of worth in the children's homes he grew up in. Lola gets murdered by the drug boss and in a shocking scene Catwoman discovers this. The effect is truly captured well. Catwoman herself is done over but she gets out and goes after the small time mob boss and she makes him pay. Well, almost, because she is prevented by Batman. The romance and sex between Batman and Catwoman is hot but also slightly uncomfortable because you know that they are opposites. It's a good story well told with excellent drawing and inking.

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