Saturday, January 17, 2015

Kooza - Cirque du Soleil - London - Albert Hall

We had an evening in London yesterday to go and see this amazing show at The Royal Albert Hall. I confess I was a little bit sceptical beforehand. It's not something I would choose to buy seats for on my own but a few of our friends were keen to see it and so I thought it would be good to see for myself. I was aware of the type of show it was, Cirque du Soleil is an international venture and I have seen things on TV from time to time. The spectacle is one best enjoyed there in the audience though because you can hear gasps and applause. The athleticism of the show's performers is astonishing, amazing and inspirational. They truly are technically perfect but also beautiful in their artistry. I particularly enjoyed the hoola hoop girl who was able to keep the hoop going around her body as well as one around her outstretched leg with the hoop moving around on her ankle! The other astonishing performance was a couple of guys on this enormous spindle that resembled some kind of dual hamster torture wheel. They were pretty amazing and so was the music. The band are almost forgotten but they sit in a tiered tower that has sails coming out from it. The three Asian girl contortionists were amazing as well, so flexible with how their bodies could bend that it was mind blowing.
Very impressive and a wonderful thing to see and hear. The Asian girl singing was exceptional. It was a great evening. Beforehand the food at Wagamama was great as well, I had a Ginger beer and a spicy hot chicken Firecracker that was lush.

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