Friday, February 06, 2015

Catwoman volume 2: Dollhouse

After enjoying the first volume in this series, I also took volume 2 out of the library. This book collects issues #7-#12 and contains a lot of excitement. It builds really well on the previous volume and Catwoman's relation with her knew handler Gwen is handled well. The relationship with Spark is developed and the new fiend Dollhouse is cool and gruesome. Batman only really appears at the end of this volume but there isn't really a scene with the two of them in it. We see a side of Catwoman that suggests some empathy with street victims who get taken by Dollhouse and she struggles as a crimefighter, always rushing headlong into situations that Batman would approach with a lot more methodical planning. The story shows that a lot of thought has gone into the characterisation of Catwoman and I like her a lot. There is some humour in the story but it's quite a dark tale. It's told well and there is a surprise appearance at the end. I won't spoil that though. Suffice to say, I recommend this to anyone.

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