Monday, February 23, 2015

Cheese bagel breakfast

I'm not a great fan of eating vey close to waking up. My taste buds have to have some time to get going in a morning. I rarely eat before at least having a cup of coffee. Coffee is usually the first substance I imbibe of a morning. So, after my cup of coffee I usually prefer something hot for breakfast, I can eat some cereals but I'm not a giant fan of cold breakfasts. Toast is ok but it can get a bit boring, same with porridge. The disadvantage with bread is that it can go mouldy. So, here is my solution to the breakfast conundrum. First, buy a bag of bagels.

These will do, they are from Tesco. Next, buy some cheese slices, these are great because they are so quick and easy and they taste good when slightly melted.

Now, you might not want this breakfast every day of the week, I'd suggest I have it once or twice a week to be fair, if that. I am the only one in our family who likes bagels, my daughter doesn't mind eating them but I really like them more than anyone, so being able to freeze them is ideal because I don't have to eat them all before they go off. They tend to keep better than sliced bread anyway to be honest.
So, the next part is what to do when you want a cheese bagel breakfast, this is easy, just put the frozen bagel in the microwave on defrost for a minute and it is ready to slice into two: cut along the bagel horizontally so that each half has an intact hole in the middle. Then put the two halves in a toaster. When the bagel pops up from the toaster, spread some butter on both sides and place one cheese slice in it covering the hole and then put the top on. That's really all there is to it, you cut leave it whole or cut in half. It's a tasty treat and a lot cheaper than a McDonalds breakfast bagel.

You can add egg to it as well or even add some sliced meat or perhaps some sausage but that requires a lot more time and preparation. My cheese bagel is quick and easy and tasty.

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