Saturday, February 14, 2015


I've known that Highlander was a cult classic but I've never been able to sit through it until tonight. I had started watching it a few times in the past but never really got into it. It takes a while to really get going and for any kind of story to emerge. One time I stopped watching with two dudes duelling with swords in an underground car park and another time I stopped when Sean Connery appeared wearing a red velvet Spanish costume. But this evening I followed through and continued watching. It's not all that bad, it is a bit impenetrable but has some good bits in it. The music by Queen is a bit of a surprise, Who Wants To Live Forever being my personal favourite.


One surprise was seeing an actress I've really liked in her youth. I knew Beattie Edney from her playing a starring role in a TV sitcom called Dressing For Breakfast, a show I really enjoyed because she reminded me of someone I really liked in real life. She is beautiful and in Highlander she looks amazing.

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