Monday, February 23, 2015


After being aware of FarScape for a long time I have started to watch season one via Netflix. It is a well produced series with a good strong cast and good storylines so far. I'm not far into season one but I can say that I'm enjoying the show so far.
A human test pilot named Crichton is catapulted into the future via a form of travel known as a slipstream. He ends up on board a living space ship called Moya, a Leviathan, who is controlled by a character called Pilot who is not biologically part of Moya but even so has a large part of his body (not visible) connected to her. Crichton is accompanied by a cast of other central characters who all have their own backstories and personality defects. It is a series with very strong characterisation and I like that. I also think the makeup and clothes are pretty special too.
FarScape creates a world where you can disappear to and forget reality. I don't think you can say any better than that about a sci-fi series.

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