Monday, February 23, 2015

Hotdog Heaven

I've got today off from work and it feels rather like a boys day does, when the girls in the family are doing their thing leaving the boys to have a day on their own to do stuff like play videogames or Yu-Gi-Oh or Magic The Gathering. I knew that we had a few hotdogs in the fridge that needed eating because I bought and opened the packet last weekend when the boys did have a day to themselves. So, having to go out and get a few supplies from the shops anyway, I decided to get some rolls and dried onions. The onions are very cheap and you just have to put them in boiling water and simmer them for 5 minutes. Slice the rolls and when the hotdogs are also ready (I put them in the same water), just drain the water away from the saucepan and get a fork and just push a few forkfuls of onion into the roll before placing the hotdog in there on the top. This works best otherwise if you put the hot dog in first the onions just drop out when you eat them. I've found this out through  experience and watching the professionals vending hotdogs.
The other slightly mad thing I like to do is make my children really annoyed by bellowing "Boiled onions!" at the top of my voice. If I get it right and very annoying, I can make them cry. I don't advise doing this however, just that sometimes it can be funny.

I love hotdogs, they are one of my favourite things in the world. I've loved them ever since I was a kid. I love them more than beefburgers. I used to buy tinned ones but since we have had children and feed them pasta and frankfurters we always buy Herta ones now. On the packet they look horrid with that lettuce and tomato on there, you don't need to complicate the flavour with a frankfurter like that. With some food the simplest you can make it the better and frankfurters are a good example in my book.
Now then, on to my frankfurters today. I like to have French's American mustard with mine and either ketchup or brown sauce. My usual brown sauce is HP but at the moment I am trying out a variety that my parents always buy, Daddies. My frankfurters photographs are below. I enjoyed them very much, with one of them I used two frankfurters to use them all up. After a while if you have too many rolls you just get full because of the bread.

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