Monday, February 02, 2015

Couch to 5K

Over the last few weeks, since I purchased my running shoes, I've been gradually building up my running. It is taking a while because the nights are dark during the week, so I have only been going out at weekends. I have downloaded an NHS Choices podcast called Couth to 5K. It's a six week podcast programme intended to take a novice to running a 5K in the 6 weeks, assuming 3 runs per week lasting 30 mins. It is a good programme, I am enjoying it, although each time I go out it doesn't feel much easier. I have just completed my 3 runs during week 2, although it has taken me longer than a couple of weeks so far. Next time I go out I'll be trying the third week of the programme. Halfway there, so I expect it will start to get harder than it has felt like up to now. The programme does advise a rest day inbetween runs. I definitely need these.

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