Sunday, March 08, 2015

Death Proof

This is the fifth film by Quentin Tarantino, alleged to be his worst film - even he himself has apparently been quoted saying this. There are effects applied to the film to make it look like some kind of cheaply made exploitation film of the 1970s. It was originally packaged as half of a two-film cinema experience called Grindhouse, I don't know what the other film was but I read that Tarantino's half was the better of the two.

All that said, I thought it was a highly enjoyable film. A psychopath stunt man uses his car to crash himself and deliberately kill people, usually young attractive women. The film sort of breaks into two stories, the first story shows how he operates and the second story shows him operating but with the twist that the young attractive women he picks are stunt women themselves. He has chosen the wrong victims and we get to see the results. I won't spoil it.
I'd never heard of the film before but the cover was vaguely familiar, I think possibly because the design has been used on some other film - the film Vanishing Point is referenced several times during the movie and perhaps the cover is similar? If I were a film student I would research this and find out.
It's not a film I'd watch often but it is very entertaining and I'd like to see the extras. The version I bought was from a charity shop and was dirt cheap but it is a two disk edition. The female cast are all beautiful women, so plenty of eye candy on display. The psychopath is played by Kurt Russell, who does an outstanding job.

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