Sunday, March 08, 2015


I don't post very often about clothes, but there is something I want to say on the subject. I'm not a follower of fashion but like most people, I would like to imagine that people aren't saying horrible things about the clothes I wear. I don't know what the truth is. Maybe they do. But I don't think I wear clothes that are wildly too young or too old for me nor do I wear clothes that represent some kind of fashion margin. Most of the clothes I wear, in fact, all of them are from mainstream outlets.
Clothes which come from certain brands can be very expensive. I choose not to wear branded clothes for this reason. But by brand I mean expensive, the clothes I wear do have a brand but they are clothes from places like Tesco, Asda, Matalan, Primark or Peacocks. Occasionally, I might buy a suit from Fosters Menswear or a shirt from Next but either only because I need to for an event or because I want to look smart for work. I have looked at the racks in TK Maxx, where branded clothes can be found, and they are very expensive. I'd rather spend my money on films, music, video games, comics and food. Now, a comparison would be useful because what's expensive to me might be cheap to someone else.

T shirts: I consider these as something that should generally be cheap, like less than £10. I have bought more expensive official fan ones which have the name of a game or a band on them, these can be expensive but nice to wear. So for the official ones, I'd consider paying up to about £18.

Jeans: I have paid over £30 for these but I feel this is too much, so less than £20 would be reasonable.

OK, that was a general quick look at a couple of examples. I've just looked at the TK Maxx site and see that a plain green Ralph Lauren polo short costs £35. A pair of Super Dry jeans costs £60 and a white T shirt with a printed picture on the front sells for £15. These aren't expensive items but you can clearly see the differences in cost. The Super Dry label is a really expensive one. I don't know how people can afford to shop there.

I have just bought a couple of new pairs of jeans from Matalan. I looked at branded jeans like Lee and Wrangler but I could afford two pairs from the Easy brand for the same price as one pair. The branded jeans might be hardier and last longer, that's the main difference. In the past I've bought jeans from Peacocks in town, I do prefer Matalan though because of the two Peacocks jeans both have had stitching come undone or I have worn through them, the photo below shows what happened to the arse of the jeans from Peacocks. I shall be throwing these away and wearing my new Matalan jeans instead.

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