Friday, March 27, 2015

Road to Number 10

The General Election campaign trail is just about to kick off at full speed next week. I think we'll see some good news stories over the next few weeks. I like the time of a general election, I like how the government changes regularly here. It would be awful if it didn't ever change. My optimism usually gives was to pessimism though with politicians.
I watched a TV programme this week that featured David Cameron and Ed Millband being quizzed and challenged hard by Jeremy Paxman. Paxman gave them both hard times but I felt some of the question to Ed Milliband crossed a line. Then again, the Prime Minister is a difficult job and as a country we can't afford to have a man in charge that crumbles. I don't think either crumbled but Cameron has been in power and that must give him an advantage. I don't particularly think that Cameron answered the questions as he should have, he has a way of disagreeing that annoys me "I don't accept that..." he will sometimes say. As if just saying that is enough.
In the interest of balance I should also say that Milliband's "Hell yes! I'm tough..." annoyed me, as if anyone will believe it just because he used the mildest form of swear word infront of it. Who says "Hell yes!" these days anyway?
It will be interesting to see who gets in this time, I feel it is very open and that is dangerous in some ways. We shall see what happens in May.

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