Sunday, March 22, 2015

Texas Hold'em Poker

Last weekend I was in a local charity shop and saw a Texas Hold'em Poker set for £2.50. I've not thought about playing poker for a while but have in the past had some desire to learn how to play the game. Well, I thought the set was a good buy at that price but at the time I didn't buy it and later regretted it. Here is what it might have contained...

But I left it a week and when I went back it had been bought by someone else. I have been thinking about it for the whole week however, so I decided to get a set of poker chips anyway. I bought a nice set of 300 chips that come in a smart aluminium case. I have read the rules and think I can get by but I am just beginning to explore the game. There does seem to be a lot of language in it that I find myself needing to learn, like the Small Blind, the Big Blindthe Pre-Flop, the Flop, the Turn or Fourth Street and the River or Fifth Street (among others). I also need to learn the order of the scoring.

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