Saturday, May 18, 2013

Dambusters 70th

I have an interest in reading about defence history. It is probably as a result of reading Tom Clancy novels. There are quite a few stories from the Second World War that deserve a read. The story of the Dambusters is one of those that catches peoples imagination. Thursday evening I watched a ceremony to mark the 70th anniversary of that air raid on German dams. It is a remarkable story, from the design of the "bouncing bombs" to the courage and bravery of the aircrews who flew with no armour into great blasts of flak. As the heroes of the Second World War pass on, it makes me think what a devastating but interesting period of history it was. Truly, the world was turned upside down. It is hard to imagine a war like that happening again but I can imagine how quickly a series of significant events can lead to catastrophe. I hope the world doesn't go through a war like that again. We owe it to the sacrifice of the men like the Dambusters, may they rest in peace.

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