Saturday, May 18, 2013

I Love Films

For the last x number of years I have been considering a subscription to a TV and film service. I have never actually done anything about it. I guess it's the fact that it always seems expensive to have to pay to watch stuff on my own TV at home. As a family we probably spend a fair amount of our disposable income (hate that phrase) on films. Only last week I rented a movie from the library. We buy box sets and individual films quite regularly.
Another part of me is just old fashioned. I grew up as a child with 3 TV channels and very little choice. You had to watch what was on either BBC1, BBC2 or ITV. The stations closed down at midnight and there was no breakfast TV either. It is hard for my kids to understand how little choice there was. But despite that, I enjoyed TV immensely and it didn't bother me not having a choice - I watched and enjoyed the films that were scheduled. True though, I did have to wait for the films to be televised and that could be a very long time. VHS changed all that. I remember video rentals shops booming and going along on a Saturday to rent a horror.
Well, I've decided to move into the new era and subscribe to an online downloadable film service. I've chosen to go with Love Film, due to the scale of their choice and the features they offer. It's finally the time...really, I don't know what took me so long!


laura b. said...

I subscribe at Netflix and I have Amazon Prime, so I can get streaming media there. Since I have a good cable tv package as well, I don't use those services all that much. The good thing is that, at least for now, they can be shared so my kids use them at no additional cost.

Tara said...

I have Netflix, but I don't do streaming, I just get the movies or TV shows delivered to me. Finances have been tight so I changed my prescription to one DVD out at a time. I need to catch up on the first season of "American Horror Story". I loved the second season.

I hope you and your family enjoys the downloadable movies! I love your movie reviews, so please post more on here!

FW said...

LB: I'll try the service out for a month and see. There are some films I need to catch up with on there.

Tara: Thanks I'll keep on the reviews! Weirdly the cost is higher here to have the post service deliver disks. Hence why I got the streaming service.