Monday, May 13, 2013

Eurovision: A Look Forward

On Saturday night it's the grand final of The Eurovision Song Contest. This year's British entry is being performed by Bonnie Tyler. I remember Bonnie from the 80s, the biggest hit I remember was called Total Eclipse of the Heart. The song she's signing is called Believe In Me. The chance of Bonnie getting anywhere is of course minimal. The voting has rarely anything to do with the songs and a lot to do with voting for your neighbouring countries. Still, I find it incredibly entertaining. I love the mix of euro-pop and regional variation in what's considered catchy. Over the years there have been strange entries.
I'm looking forward to seeing some Scandinavian rock but I don't know whether there will be any. It's being held in Sweden and one stand out act for me from the past was Lordi, who wore grotesque make up and silly costumes, they were also from one of the Scandinavian countries I can't remember which now (was it Norway?).


laura b. said...

Is there a country that tends to dominate? Do countries mix things up year after year with different sorts of entries, or do most places have a signature sound?
Maybe because I watch a few performance competition shows, I always find this one very interesting when you mention it.

FW said...

LB: It's a complete surprise every year in terms of songs and performances! That's why I love it. The voting stage is a drag but not if your country is in the running. I must go and buy some crap but tasty food to munch on while I'm watching, it's all part of the experience - oh and I must download my own score card :-)