Tuesday, May 21, 2013

North Yorkshire Moors

Reviewing my old photographs, I came across these from when I was on a camping holiday with my brother and his friends to North Yorkshire. I remember that we walked a lot during that holiday and my brother had our itinerary planned out. So I was just effectively tagging along for the ride. I did have a good time though and saw a lot of countryside that I haven't been back to. A lot of it was wild, open country like you see in these photographs. I can't quite remember which month we went but I think it wasn't in the high summer season, it could even have been later than August. The purple heather on the moors looks beautiful, I remember it feeling quite high up. The moors seemed vast and I don't know where exactly these photographs were taken but I guess there are places you can't get to by car. We must have walked a few miles to get to this point. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the photographs.


Tara said...

That first photo is my favorite, I love the hills in the background and the beautiful blossoms in the front.

laura b. said...

There is something very pretty about the purple heather and the green grass together.
Some things are worth taking that long walk to see.

FW said...

Tara: thanks, I think you're right, that is the best one.
L.B: yes, it was something that has stayed with me.