Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Eurovision 2013 Results

The United Kingdom entry in this year's contest faired somewhat better than last year's episode. However, we still only managed 19th place out of 26 entries. Not even in the top half but better than Ireland who came last (and sang last). Singing later can be an advantage, going first is just bad luck. The French entry was first and I felt a little sorry for her, she didn't do a bad job. Bonnie Tyler said she gave it her all and she did well to belt out the song as she did but it just wasn't what the Euro audience want. It's hard to write a song that just catches the mood right and because the reputation of Eurovision in the UK is almost as if it's a bit of a joke I don't think it attracts the best songwriters. One of the countries entries, I forget which, sang a song that was written by Black Sabbath's Tony Iommi! They wore jeans, which is apparently a Eurovision no no.
Denmark won the competition but my personal favourite was Ukraine, whose singer was carried on by a seven foot plus giant. Most odd! Norway also had a good song I thought and would have been my second choice.





laura b. said...

I've been over to YouTube to take a look at the acts you've mentioned. The songs all seem like nice, but very traditional, pop songs...which I'm guessing is what the crowd wants to hear!
I liked the Tommy Iommi song (Armenia), but I can see where the band may have been considered underdressed for this particular event :)

FW said...

L.B.: I like the way you sum it up. I think it's a very particular type of pop. It's not music I would ever buy but some of the songs are catchy if you hear them a few times.