Thursday, May 02, 2013

Expo Fever!!

Oh my golly gosh! I'm so excited I could wet myself - but I won't (it's okay...calm...breathe). Two very special events are coming up in May - and I'm not even talking about The Eurovision Song Contest, which I blog about every year. No, I'm talking about two fantastic shows that are happening that I want to go to.

The first is the London Comic Con and the second is Collectormania in Milton Keynes.

I haven't booked for the London show yet but I think it looks awesome. I've never been to it before but it looks huge! It's got comics, video games, cosplay, Japanese Asian fusion experience, Steampunk and fringe festival. Sounds amazing!

The other event is Collectormania and again it is always worth a visit. I've blogged about this event before but we missed it last year and I'm not even sure we went the year before, I'll have to look that up. I got some great shots of Dr Who and Blakes 7 props and I could even get Jenna-Louise Coleman's autograph - she's dreamy! Best of all, admission for this one is free.


laura b. said...

There is nothing like having something to look forward to! Those events both sound very exciting. I hope you'll blog about your adventures there.

FW said...

LB: Thanks, I hope to take a few photos so that I can post them here. I'm looking forward to the end of May now.