Saturday, April 04, 2015

Another Coffee Post

I thought I'd write another post about coffee. I'm coming to the end of a bag of coffee I bought from Ikea and like, it's a variety called Bryggkaffee Mellenrost and apparently is a medium strength coffee of the Arabica varieties. I find it a little bit milder than the Italian coffees I've bought before from the Lavazza brand. I keep my coffee double wrapped in clingfilm and I store it in the fridge.
I put three teaspoons of the coffee into my one cup coffee maker from Bodum, a really good coffee maker that came with a glass mug and I have to say drinking coffee from a glass cup is really the best way to go.
Maybe Swedes drink a lot of coffee? I read the book The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo that the film was made of and the protagonist certainly seemed to drink a hell of a lot of coffee. I know a lot of people prefer their coffee black and while I can drink black coffee (and tea) I do prefer some milk in my coffee, doesn't have to be much milk. Here is my coffee straining through the filter:

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