Saturday, April 04, 2015

Edge of Tomorrow (Live Die Repeat)

Another film of the sci-fi genre with Tom Cruise starring. He plays this one well, in my opinion, there seems more dialogue and less of him trying to act naturally as a character but instead just being Tom Cruise. The story is of an alien invasion. The twist with this one is that there is a way for humans to defeat the aliens but they need someone who can predict what the aliens are going to do. The only way this happens is by killing a certain type of alien and having its blood spill on you. This happens to the soldier Cage, played by Cruise, as it happened to the hero of the humans, played by Emily Blunt. I haven't thought too hard about the plot, it turns out that Cage can be killed but just starts the same day again. Don't ask. It is an enjoyable ride if you suspend disbelief. The effects are pretty good and the soldiers weapon suits are cool. I like the way the character of Cage starts out as a deserter, or at least someone who doesn't want to be anywhere near the front and ends up being a real hero. The ending is pretty naff and predictable. I am glad I didn't purchase this one, it is not a great film, I think I'd watch it again but not all that often - it reminds me a lot of Independence Day.

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