Friday, April 24, 2015

Androi apps for healthier living

I'm a slouch and a sceptic. I don't have motivation to exercise consistently all year, I stop and start and don't stick to a plan. I've thought about buying a fitness tracker, a Garmin Vivofit because the price has come down a little since they launched. However, I didn't find one in stock and didn't bother to order one on the web so have instead decided to try tracking on a device I know I have with me all the time: my smartphone. I don't have a fancy phone, however I'm extremely happy with my phone. It only costs me £7.50 a month and is a Motorola Moto E. About 3 years now I tried out an IOS app called MyFitnessPal on the iPhone 4 I had back then  and it was quite good, the food database was huge. I downloaded the Android version this week and have been using it to log my calories and water consumption. The other apps I'm trying are:
  • MyFitnessPal - calory intake and water consumption logging
  • Sleep as Android - logging quality of sleep (for free there is a 14 day trial)
  • Moves - advanced pedometer

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