Sunday, April 05, 2015

Rapport by Dana aftershave

Years ago I wore an aftershave called Rapport. I liked the smell and found it unlike the other aftershave I had tried because it had a nice freshness to it. Other brands of aftershave seemed too strong to me. I also really liked Boss and Hugo. Now, my main smell is Allure by Chanel. However, I was in a B&M Homeware store in Bletchley on Thursday and discovered that they sold Rapport. When I looked at the label and it read £3.99 I thought my eyes were deceiving me, or they had printed the wrong price. But it was indeed only £3.99 a bottle. Perhaps my tastes are different now but at £3.99 a bottle I thought it was worth trying again. Now I have worn it for a couple of days I am aware that the smell is a simpler one than Allure but it is ridiculously cheap by comparison. I think wearing the cheaper brand will help to stretch out the more expensive fragrance. So I'm fine with that. My wife thought it smelled like Aramis, which isn't inexpensive either. If you are looking for a bargain fragrance, I don't think you could do badly by giving this one a try.

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