Saturday, April 11, 2015

Don't be complacent

Something quite shocking has happened over the last 3 weeks to a good friend of ours.It has made me reflect on what I take for granted, even what I abuse. I realise now I think of it that I do take a lot for granted. Our friend caught a bad infection that is life threatening, we hope but can't assume that he will pull through. He was a very fit man in his sixties, fitter than me by a long way. I guess fitness doesn't help you when an infection decides to get you but it probably helps with stamina in fighting the infection. Being independent and able to go outside without anyone helping me is a pleasure that I shouldn't take for granted. Something as simple as going outside for a run or a cycle ride. Or even just going outside into the garden. Its so sad for our friend, I hope he pulls through out of this.

The garden photo below isn't my garden but in my imagination it does represent what my garden means to me, a quiet and pleasant outdoor space to sit and enjoy the outdoors and fresh air.

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